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Umbrella Faces

Umbrella Faces is a web-based application which allows synchronization of all the relevant data of business travellers online. Travel Agencies and Business Traveller have the opportunity to change and modify their data 24/7.

Umbrella Faces runs on secure servers in Zurich, Switzerland. Not only do all our clients benefit from new developments equally but also 24/7 maintenance and operation are included. The adaptive interface works on PCs with any kind of browser and has a great look-and-feel on tablet and smart phones as well. No local installation is necessary.

What can the basic tool do for you?

The basic module allows the creation and update of profiles. All changes are “published” to Amadeus (CSX, Profiles) or Galileo (client files) immediately. Standard fields, for example name field, have a fixed output to the CRS whereas additional fields such as remarks (RM,FT) can be configured. There are three levels of user authorization: traveller, company-admin and agency-admin. The latter two can create new profiles. Login data is then automatically emailed to the new traveller.

Profiles can also be downloaded from or uploaded to Umbrella Faces. A typical process which requires this feature is the upload of data from a client HR-database.



With this module the AeTM Profile screen is completely replaced by Faces thereby offering utter seamless integration. Profiles are maintained in a central master database.

Publishing to AeTM

With this module enabled, all new profiles or changes to existing profiles are published to AeTM. The features of AeTM, particularly the entire logic of the arranger have been carefully implemented and are supported by Faces.

Publishing to travel dept. OID / PCC

When an end-user-company has an own OID or PCC, then this module allows for the publishing to the OID/PCC of that company's travel department.

Faces Circles

Should the extensive configuration options included in the standard version not meet the publishing requirements of the travel agency, a «Faces Circle» can be introduced. This extension to the standard functionality of the application allows for the introduction of individual publishing rules, as well as validation and processing rules to be applied during profile import.

Advantages / Summary

  • Maintenance of profiles in a central master database
  • Extensively configurable
  • Publish to Amadeus CSX, AeTM, Galileo and Cytric
  • Adaptive interface for PCs, tablets and smart phones
  • Interface available in English and German
  • Import and export of profile data
  • All inclusive: Operation 24/7, maintenance and updates are included

Prices in EUR

Every price is in € and exclude Tax. Prices do not include any fees which some CRS' in some countries might levy.

Initial Costs

Setup per branch 1'200.00
Mandatory training 150.00/hour
Setup PCI DSS 780.00

Basicmodule (monthly costs)

Up to 1'000 Profiles 198.00
Up to 5'000 Profiles 298.50
5001 – 10'000 Profiles 375.00
10'001 – 15'000 Profiles 450.00
15'001 – 20'000 Profiles 525.00
20'001 – 25'000 Profiles 562.00
25'001 – 35'000 Profiles 600.00
35'001 - 50'000 Profiles 700.00
50'001 - 70'000 Profiles 800.00
70'001 - 100'000 Profiles 900.00
from 100'001 Profiles 1'050.00

Options (monthly cost)

Publishing to AeTM* per Client (Agency) 250.00
Publishing to Cytric per Client (Agency) 125.00
Publishing to department OID/PCC** per OID/PCC 50.00
Publishing to add. CRS per Client (Agency) 100.00
Rail Master per Client (Agency) 150.00
PCI DSS -compliancy   10% of the price for the basic module
Browser Extension   10% of the price for the basic module
Mile Manager   10% of the price for the basic module
Faces Circles Prices depends on the effort for implementation  
Faces automated HR-Feeds Prices depends on the effort for implementation  
* including AeTM UI-Integration
** Costs per OID/PCC


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