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To join Umbrella Faces Suite, the following data are required:

  • User name (Benutzername)
  • Password (Passwort)
  • Agency-Key (Agentur)

Those login data are allocated to a Traveller, Arranger , Approver and Administrator.

Procedures / Processes


Credentials are sent via email. Credentials can be sent by an arranger, approver, administrator or a profile manager and a supporter.

Credentials email


The URL https://faces.umbrellanet.ch/faces/login can be accessed with the obtained credentials.



Data protection / Privat policy

After the initial login, the data protection provisions have to be accepted.

private policyt



Passwords must be changed at least every 90 days.
The password must have a minimum length of 8 characters.
The password must contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and at least one special character.
When changing the password none of the last 3 year stored passwords can be used.
After 3 failed login attempts a user account is locked for 30 minutes or forget passwort function ca be used.
After 15 minutes of inactivity, the password must be entered to reactivate the terminal / session.
The maximum session time after which the user must log in again must not exceed 200 minutes.

Password renewal

The password must be renewed every 90 days.

New password request

If a user forgets their password, a new password can be requested.



Change temporary password

The first time you log in, the temporary password from the login email hast to be changed. The new password must conform to the password guideline requirements indicated above.



Password locked

After a wrong password is entered three times, the user access is blocked for 10 minutes. A new password must be requested if the user wants to access Faces immediately.



Password including AeTM-Integration

When working with the AeTM-Integration (see AeTM Integration), the Faces credentials are not relevant. Therefore, the login works slightly different:

  • Faces username and password are only displayed by creating new travellers (mandatory)
  • To make sure that the AeTM password stored in Faces is the same as that in AeTM, the Community Settings should be adjusted with 'Enable password expiration', so that AeTM passwords never expires. If this is not configured, the user will eventually be forced to set a new password directly in AeTM, whereas in Faces the old password will still be saved.
  • The AeTM-Integration never verifies if a password in Faces  is expired or not and it does not realise either if it were.

User rights

User level Own traveller profile Edit self Edit other travellers Edit company Edit travel agency
Traveller Yes X      
Approver, Arranger Yes X Only assigned travellers    
Company admin No X All travellers in same company Only some of the data/ fields  
Agency admin No X All travellers yes Only some of the data/ fields