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The Profile Center shows an overview about the numbers of profiles created in Umbrella Faces. Additionally it informs about publishing errors (synchronisation errors), provides the opportunity to Import/Export CSV-File for one, several or all travellers related to company profiles, provides a possibility to mass-synchronize profiles and to send mass-credentials. Some functions are not available for every user.



Section 'Travel Agency'

Overview about the number of all company and traveller profiles available in "your agency" at Umbrella Faces.

Field Description
No. of companies The count of all company profiles created in Umbrella Faces are displayed.
No. of travellers The count of all traveller profiles created in Umbrella Faces are displayed.

Section 'Publishing Errors'

Publishing errors may occur when creating profiles manually in the user Interface. It is important to identify any such publishing error during/after a CSV Upload. A list of all errors is shown including a hyperlink, which leads directly to the incorrect profile.

Field Description
Company List of all companies with a publishing (synchronisation) error including the related system (e.g. Amadeus CSX) and error message (e.g. Record locater not found)
Traveller List of all travellers with a publishing (synchronisation) error including the related system (e.g. AeTM) and error message (e.g. Login name not found).

Section 'Publishing'

Publishing can be used to save all profiles, either the erroneous (see publishing errors), all company and traveller profiles and travellers from a specific company. Publishing all travellers and/or companies could have an enormous impact to your profiles.

Field Description
Travellers of Save (publishing) all travellers of a specific company
All erroneous Save (publishing) all errors, which are displayed in the section error publishing
All companies Save (publishing) all company profiles
All travellers Save (publishing) all traveller profiles

Section 'Send Credentials'

Credentials can be send to all profiles or arrangers of specific company profiles

Field Description
Company Search for the company profile
All profiles Send credentials to all profiles (traveller, arranger, approver) of the specified company
All arrangers Send credentials to all arrangers of the specified company

Section 'Import/Export'


The Export function allows to download all companies or traveller profiles from one or multiple companies via CSV File.

Field Description
Company Insert a specific company for the CSV-File download
Add new Add additional companies, which should be part of the CSV-file download
Travellers (CSV) Click to start the download of travellers of a specific company into a CSV-file
All travellers (CSV) Click to download all travellers of your agency into a CSV-file
All companies (CSV) Click to download all companies of your agency into a CSV-file

Fields with long text areas and starting with '-' are not being exported correctly. This is an Excel bug and is caused since the programm believes that the cell should be formatted as number-cell and hence has a maximum of characters. We strongly recommend to not use '-' at the beginning of a text area field (e.g. Comment Box).


The Import function allows to upload via CSV file, from Amadeus CSX or AeTM.

Field Description
Import Opiton
  • CSV: upload companies or traveller profiles from multiple companies via CSV File. Traveller profiles form a single profile has to be imported in the company Profile!
  • Amadeus CSX: upload Company including all associated traveller profiles form Amadeus CSX
  • AeTM: upload all traveller form AeTM for a specific Company
Upload from CSV Upload the CSV-file for 'travellers' or 'companies'
  • Note: Mandatory columns for travellers CSV upload are: metadata.action, uuid, username, firstname, gender, name, email, company.uuid
  Amadeus CSX
Agency Select relevant travel agency
System Amadeus CSX
Profile no. Amadeus company profile record locator
Office ID Amadeus Office Id in which the company profile belongs to.
Org-ID. Amadeus Organisation Id (optional)
Bulk company upload The activation of the checkbox and the click on <Import> will provide a list of all existing company profiles in the Amadeus Office ID. In this step every single company profile is de- or selectable. Please note that a mass upload will take some time (approx. 1000 profiles / 15 minutes). The upload will import all company profiles with their associated traveller profiles.
Import Click on Import will upload the company and all associated traveller profiles.

A username for the traveller profile will be automatically created <first name>.<sure name>@<company short name> Following Amadeus CSX prefix can be processed:

  • AB
  • AM (Traveller only)
  • AP
  • APE
  • ES
  • FFN
  • FP (if Amadeus Local Security Sign is set PCD-Y)
  • FPO/
  • FK
  • FT
  • FZ
  • NM
  • OS
  • PAS
  • PBD
  • PCI
  • PCZ
  • PID
  • PIV
  • PHI
  • PN
  • PPR
  • PPT
  • RM
  • RC
  • RX
  • RM (category e.g. RMA/)
  • RIR
  • RIZ
  • SK
Agency Select relevant travel agency
Company Select relevant company. Company needs at least a setup in the AeTM Site-Code, Main Group and Travel Group.

CSV-File - Description 'Travellers'

The download of travellers in a CSV File includes following information.

General: In some fields more than one input is possible. In this case the columns contain the value “0”. Enter more values by adding the numbers behind the value.

Example: Enter 3 Frequent Flyer numbers in the CSV-File

first number flightmemberships0.alliance
second number flightmemberships1.alliance
third number flightmemberships3.alliance



Standard Fields

The CSV file will always include the standard fields of Umbrella Faces. Also with specific custom developments (circle) the standard fields are shown. If none configured fields in a circle are uploaded, than the values will be ignored.

Column Description Values/Actions
metadata.action Action
  • SAVE
uuid Database No. Blank if new profile
username Faces Username  
email E-Mail Address  
language User language
  • cs_CZ = Czech (Czech Republic)
  • nl_BE = Dutch (Belgium)
  • nl_NL = Dutch (Netherlands)
  • en_GB = English (United Kingdom)
  • en_US = English (United States)
  • fr_CH = French (Switzerland)
  • fr_FR = French (France)
  • de_AT = German (Austria)
  • de_DE = German (Germany)
  • de_CH = German (Switzerland)
  • hu_HU = Hungarian (Hungary)
  • it_IT = Italian (Italy)
  • it_CH = Italian (Switzerland)
  • pl_PL = Polish (Poland)
  • pt_PT = Portuguese (Portugal)
  • sk_SK = Slovak (Slovakia)
  • es_ES = Spanish (Spain)
company.uuid Database No. Company  
gender Gender
  • MR
  • MRS
  • U
title Title
  • DR
  • PROF
name Surename  
middlename Middlename  
firstname Firstname  
birthdate Date of birth Format =
nationality Citizenship 2-letter-country-code e.g. CH
additionalFormOfPayment Other forms of payment
  • CASH
  • INV
hotelGuarantee Hotel guarantee
  • T/00 = 1st Traveller credit card
  • T/01 = 2nd Traveller credit card
  • T/02 = 3rd Traveller credit Card
  • C/00 = 1st Company credit card
  • C/01 = 2nd Company credit card
  • C/02 = 3rd Company credit card
carGuarantee Guarantee rental car
  • T/00 = 1st Traveller credit card
  • T/01 = 2nd Traveller credit card
  • T/02 = 3rd Traveller credit Card
  • C/00 = 1st Company credit card
  • C/01 = 2nd Company credit card
  • C/02 = 3rd Company credit card
webcard Webcard
  • T/00 = 1st Traveller credit card
  • T/01 = 2nd Traveller credit card
  • T/02 = 3rd Traveller credit Card
  • C/00 = 1st Company credit card
  • C/01 = 2nd Company credit card
  • C/02 = 3rd Company credit card
phoneBusiness Phone Business  
phonePrivate Phone private  
phoneMobile Mobile  
receivedocs Itinerary / e-ticket (yes/no)
  • true
  • false
preferredSeat Seat Request
  • A = Aisle
  • W = Window
preferredFood Meal Request e.g. VGML
smoker Smoker
  • true
  • false
traveller Traveller
  • true
  • false
arranger Arranger / Assistance
  • true
  • false
approver Approver
  • true
  • false
comment general.comment  
company.recordlocator Company / Profile no.  
company.uuid Company / uuid Company / Company Name Rail information / Delivery
railExtension.wagonType Rail information / Wagontype
railExtension.wagonExtraType Rail information / Wagon extra
railExtension.seatpref Rail information / Seat
railExtension.railclass Rail information / Class
railExtension.identification Rail information / Identification
railExtension.idInfo Rail information / Bank card  
railExtension.railCards0.cardtype Railcard / Card

Rail: Amadeus_Germany

  • BAHNBONUS = DB bahn.bonus
  • BONUSCARD = DB Bonuscard Business
  • DB100 = DB BahnCard 100
  • DB25 = DB BahnCard 25
  • DB25_BUSINESS = DB BahnCard 25 Business
  • DB50 = DB BahnCard 50
  • DB50_BUSINESS = DB BahnCard 50 Business
  • SBB_GA = GA Travelcard / Swisspass
  • SBB_HALFPRICE = Halfprice Card (excl. RailPlus) / Swisspass
  • SBB_HALFPRICE_RAILPLUS = Halfprice Card (incl. RailPlus) / Swisspass

Rail: Amadeus_Rail

  • SNCF_CFF50
  • SNCF_CFF50
  • SNCF_FAM30
  • SNCF_FAM40
  • SNCF_FAM50
  • SNCF_FAM75
  • TTL_16_25
  • DB25
  • DB25
  • DB50
  • DB50
  • DB100
  • DB100
  • SBB_GA
railExtension.railCards0.cardnumber Railcard / Number  
railExtension.railCards0.cardExpiration Railcard / Expiration Format =
residentExtension.area Resident information / Resident Discount
residentExtension.areaCode Resident information / Area/Post Code post code (numbers)
residentExtension.cardType Resident information / National Identity Card type
residentExtension.cardNumber Resident information / National Identity Card number  
residentExtension.firstSurname Resident information /  
residentExtension.secondSurname Resident information /  
flightmemberships0.alliance Frequent flyer / Airline 2-letter-airline-code e.g. SR (Swiss)
flightmemberships0.membernumber Frequent Flyer / Number  
flightmemberships0.additionalinfo Frequent Flyer / PIN  
hotelmemberships0.alliance Hotel Program / Hotel chain 2-letter-hotel-code e.g. RT (Accor Hotel)
hotelmemberships0.membernumber Hotel Program / Customer Number  
hotelmemberships0.additionalinfo Hotel Program / Customer Request  
carmemberships0.alliance Car Program / Company 2-letter-car company-code e.g. ZE (Herz)
carmemberships0.membernumber Car Program / Customer Number  
carmemberships0.additionalinfo Car Program / Customer Request  
carmemberships0.specialRequest Car Program / Special request Passport / Country 2-letter-country-code e.g. CH
passports0.number Passport / Number  
passports0.issuedate Passport / Issue date Format =
passports0.issueplace Passport / Issue place  
passports0.issueCountry Passport / Issue country 2-letter-country-code e.g. CH
passports0.expiration Passport / Expires Format = Visa Information / Country 2-letter-country-code e.g. RU
visa0.number Visa Information/ Number  
visa0.issuedate Visa Information / Issue date Format =
visa0.issueplace Not available in the user interface  
visa0.expiration Visa Information / Expires Format =
visa0.multiPurposeString Visa Information / Entry type
  • MULTIPLE Identification cards / Country 2-letter-country-code e.g. CH
employeecards0.number Identification cards / Number  
employeecards0.issuedate Not available in the user Interface  
employeecards0.issueplace Not available in the user Interface  
employeecards0.expiration Not available in the user Interface Administration / Arranger / Assitance Arrangers email address
arrangercontacts0.receivedocs Itinerary / e-ticket (yes/no)
  • true
  • false Administration / Approver Approvers email address
approvercontacts0.receivedocs Itinerary / e-ticket (yes/no)
  • true
  • false
emergencycontacts0.firstname Emergency Contact / First Name  
emergencycontacts0.lastname Emergency Contact / Surname Emergency Contact / E-Mail Emergency Contact / Phone  
emergencycontacts0.receivedocs Itinerary / e-ticket (yes/no)
  • true
  • false
sortedTravelGroups0.groupId Travel groups / Main travel group community code e.g. ABCDABCD (AeTM) or Location, Division (cytric)
sortedTravelGroups0.role Travel groups / Role


  • USER = User
  • TRAVELER = Booker
  • PRINCIPAL_TRAVEL_ARRANGER = Travel Arranger (all)
  • APPOINTEDTRAVEL_ARRANGER = Travel Arranger (restricted)
  • TRAVEL_ARRANGER = Travel Arranger
  • TRAVEL_ARRANGER_RESTRICTED_PM = Travel Arranger (restricted with Profile Admin)
  • TRAVEL_APPROVER = Trip Approver


sortedTravelGroups1.groupId Travel groups / Further travel group Target system
  • CSX = Amadeus
  • GALILEO_WS = Galileo
  • CYTRIC = Cytric
  • AETM = Amadeus e-travel management
sortedPublishStates0.recordlocator Target system identification number/name
  • Amadeus = Profile record locator
  • Galileo = Profile Name
  • AeTM = Login Name

if cell is blank, a new profile in the target system will be created

if cell contains value, the existing profile in the target system will be synchronised

sortedPublishStates0.internallocator Target System additional number/name AeTM = traveller id

Only for import, no export available

Column Values/Actions
sortedCreditcards#.type Credit card vendor (VI, AX, CA etc.)
sortedCreditcards#.numberMasked Credit card number
sortedCreditcards0.expiration Credit card expiry
  • TRUE = use as form of payment
  • FALSE = not use as form of payment

Custom fields 'Single Company CSV file'

Depending on the setup in ‚my agency‘ and in 'company setup' the CSV-file download will include generic data.

column Description
mergedgroups:general.header_general:0.value Section 'General'
mergedgroups:company.header_agency:0.value Section 'Your Agency'
mergedgroups:traveller.adminheader:0.value Section 'Administration'
mergedgroups:general.header_prefs:0.value Section 'Preferences'
mergedgroups:traveller.papersheader:0.value Section 'Travel documents'
genericgroups0.fields0.value Section '-custom-' e.g. Reference Details

Custom fields 'Multiple Company CSV file'

Depending on the setup in ‚my agency‘ and in 'company setup' the CSV-file will include generic data. The 'Multiple Company CSV-file' contains other column identifiers compared to the 'Single Company CSV-file'. All custom fields are named with 'allgroups0.fields0.value' in a numeric row. The custom fields from a company setup are highlighted with a ‘!’ in column 2 followed by the given name of the field.


  my agency custom fields company setup custom fields
CSV column 1 allgroups0.fields0.value allgroups1.fields0.value
CSV column 2 Contract Details  !Staff No. for Umbrella

The '!' in front of the named field 'Staff no. for Umbrella' identifies the column as a company setup custom field




CSV-File - Description 'Companies'

The download of companies in a CSV File includes following Information

Column Description Values/Actions
recordlocator Profile no.

Amadeus CSX Profil Recloc

uuid Database number Blank if new profile
externalnr Customer no.  
name Company Name  
shortname Short Name  
emailDelivery Email delivery
  • EMAIL = Amadeus Mail
  • EMAILPLUS = Amadeus Fax and Email plus
travellerFopOption Personal Cards
  • FP_AND_GUARANTEE = FP and Guarantee
  • GUARANTEE_ONLY = Guarantee only
  • NONE = none
additionalFormOfPayment Other forms of payment INV = Invoice
hotelGuarantee Guarantee Hotel  
carGuarantee Guarantee rental car  
confidential Confidential  
street Street  
street2 Street 2  
zip Zip  
place Place  
country Country 2-letter-Country-Code
phone Phone  
fax Fax  
email Email  
email2 Email 2  
email3 Email 3  
emailInvoiceDelivery Email invoice delivery  
receivedocs Itinerary / e-ticket  
selfRegistrationKey Self-registration key Galileo Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCC Galileo PCC
overrideGwsAdditionalInfo Galileo Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCC Galileo HAP (mandatory) CSX Overrides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCC Amadeus OID
overrideCsxAdditionalInfo CSX Overrides / Travel dep. access or HAP Amadeus Org Id (optional) Sabre Overides / Travel dep, PCC or IPCC Sabre PCC
sabreOverrides.additionalInfo Sabre Overides / Travel dep. access or HAP  
gwsAgencyLocation Agency Location 3-Letter-City-Code
cytricElement Cytric Org. Cytric Location ID
mainTravelGroup Main Group AeTM Home Community
parentCompany.recordlocator Parent company / Profile no. Profil number from the parent company
parentCompany.uuid Parent company / uuid Database number (uuid) from the parent company - mandatory for import
Parent company / Company name Name from the parent company
hotelmemberships0.alliance Hotel Travelguideline / Hotel Chain 2-Letter-Hotel chain-Code
hotelmemberships0.membernumber Hotel Travelguidelines / Ratecode 3-Letter-Rate-Code
hotelmemberships0.additionalinfo Hotel Travelguidelines / Customer Request  
carmemberships0.alliance Car Travelguidelines / Company 2-Letter-Rental Car-Code
carmemberships0.membernumber Car Travelguidelines / Corporate discount number  
carmemberships0.additionalinfo Car Travelguidelines / Customer Reqeust  
carmemberships0.additionalinfo2 Car Travelguidelines / Billing Number  
airlineincentives0.alliance Airline Companyprogram / Company 2-Letter-Airline-Code
airlineincentives0.additionalinfo Airline Companyprogram / Info  
airlineincentives0.publishAs Airline Companyprogram / Publish as
  • OS (OSI Element)
  • SK (Special Keyword)
sortedCreditcards0.type Credit cards / Card type
  • VI = Visa
  • AX = American Express
  • CA = Mastercard / Eurocard
  • TP = AirPlus
  • DC = Diners
sortedCreditcards0.numberMasked Credit cards / Number no Export function / only Import
sortedCreditcards0.expiration Cerdit cards / Expiration Format DD.MM.YYYY
sortedCreditcards0.publishAsFop Credit cards / use as form of payment
  • true
  • false
sortedPublishStates0.recordlocator Publishing / locator Profile record locator/Profile number/Profile name
sortedPublishStates2.internallocator Publishing / internallocator interface / targetsystem
  • CSX = Amadeus
  • GALILEO_WS = Galileo
  • SABRE = Sabre
  • FARELOGIX = Farelogix


Target GDS / Target system
  • CSX = Amadeus
  • GALILEO_WS = Galileo
  • SABRE = Sabre
  • FARELOGIX = Farelogix
sortedTargetSystems0.agencyInterface.label Target GDS / Label  
aetmSiteCode AeTM Site Code  8 characters community Code (import only)
aetmSiteName AETM Site Name  
privateCcIndex Personal CC on
  • CC_1 
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
privateCcIndex2 2nd Personal CC on
  • CC_1
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
privateCcIndex3 3rd Personal CC on
  • CC_1
  • CC_2
  • CC_3
    (import only)
cytricElement Cytric Org (system number) Travel Groups
  • Cytric Travelpolicy Group (number)
  • AeTM Community Code
    (import only) Travel Group / Description
  • Cytric Travelpolicy Name
  • AeTM Community Name
    (import only)
genInternal<Name>.elective <Name>
general.comment comment  

CSV Upload

Please refer to section CSV Download / Upload. Additional Upload fields

Field Description
cytricElement Cytric Org./Cytric Location ID
cytricEndpoint Cytric Server


To mass delelte company profile please add column "metadata.action" with the value DELETE

Section 'Send credentials'

Credentials can be send to all profiles or to all arrangers and to all profiles or all arranger from a specific company. The email address, which is stored at the field E-mail in the profile, will be used for sending the credentials

Field Description
All profiles Send credentials to all profiles (Traveller, Arranger, Approver, Profilmanager)
All arrangers Send credentials to all arrangers
Company field Choose the company for which credentials should be send (all profiles or all arrangers)