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Release Note 19. November 2019

GDPR - Warning Message incase of date of birth is under 16 years

A Warning message is displayed if a user (all users) is adding a date of birth which is under 16 years. Similar function which we have alreday delivered for sensitive data (Meal request, smoker).

GDPR Child Warning


CSV File - Last modify & publish States

The CSV file export includes new columns:

Last modify date sortedPublishStates#.lastpublished Indicates the date of last synchronisation
Synchronisation Status sortedPublishStates#.lastpublishState Indicates status of last synchronisation 

This new columns are available for every connected interface.
Note: This is a only export function, no import possible.


Approver selectable by traveller

In the company profile "Traveller Setting" it can be selected whether a approver can be chosen by the traveller.


Note: the default is true (activated checkbox)

Sabre – new sources for Employment Information

With the following sources for Employment Information we improved the synchronisation to Sabre

Employement Information Soucre
Division Division
Company Company
Business Unit BusinessUnit
Operating Unit OperatingUnit
Location LocationCd
Region RegionCd
Branch ID BranchID
Additional Information InformationText

Note: more Sabre sources can be found at Sabre Source

Concur – new sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronisation to/from Concur

Concur field Source
Hotel Travel Preferences - Rollaway bed PreferRollawayBed
Hotel Travel Preferences - Crib PreferCrib
Hotel Travel Preferences - Foam pillows PreferFoamPillows

Note: more Concur sources can be found at Concur Source


Cytirc - new sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronisation to/from Cytric

Cytric field Source
Billing address - Company - Rollaway bed billing_company
Billing address - Attention to billing_attentionto
Billing address - Street billing_street
Billing address - Postal Code billing_zip
Billing address - City billing_city
Billing address - Country billing_country
Billing address - State billing_state

Note: more Cytric sources can be found at Cytric Source

Release Note 17. February 2020

Amadeus CSX: Create new profile in case of error "Record Locator not found"

Amadeus removes profiles in case these are not used for over 700 days. During synchronization, this leads into the error message "RECORD LOCATOR NOT FOUND" and hinders the profile from being published to Amadeus CSX. To avoid this situation, we improved the synchronization such that Faces automatically removes the Profile number within Faces and creates a new Amadeus profile.

Note: All existing errors could be fixed by using the "initiate mass-publshing" in the Profile Center "all erroneous".


New Sabre Sources: General Information, Category & Type

The new Sabre sources synchronizes data to Sabre's "General Information". Using Faces' custom field definitions & custom publish actions, one can synchronize data to a different Category & Type under General Information in Sabre.

Custom field definitions

Custom publish field

Custom publish actions

Custom publish action

Currently, the following Types and Categories can be used:

Sabre Source General Information
Σ{}¥C/GEN Category: General Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/CAR Category: Car Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/HOT Category: Hotel Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/PAY Category: Payment Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/AIR Category: Air Travel Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/RAL Category: Rail Type: Special Service
Σ{}¥C/AIR,T/PE Category: Air Travel Type: Profile


Self-Registration: Email notification for new profiles

An Email notification is sent to all receivers stored in the "Send system notifications to" at agency level in case a new traveler has "self registered".

Email notification


Profile Center: Publishing errors

A new button is available in the Profil Center for circle and multi agency administrators to display all erronoues profiles.

Publishing errors

Release note 12. March 2020

Profile Center - all erroneous CSV

In the Profile Center under the section "Import/Export", two new export funcitons are available.

  • all travelers with publishing errors(CSV) = will export all traveler profiles which contain a synchronisation error to at least one system
  • all companies with publsihing errors(CSV) = will export all company profiles which contain a synchronisation error to at least one system


Administrator - new rights, "can show plaintext CC"

With the new tick-box "can show plaintext CC" on the Administrator profile it can be configured so that the administrator is allowed to de-tokenize credit cards.

New tick-box on the Administrator tab under Settings


De-tokenize credit card funciton


New Sabre sources

With the following sources we improved the synchronisation to Sabre.

Faces Sabre Source Sabre Profile Field
 prefFirstName Traveler Information / Preferred First Name
 prefSurName Traveler Information / Preferred Last Name
 AIR_PREF¥ Air Preference / General Information (Trip Type: All)
 GRND_PREF¥<VendorCode>¥ Ground Transportation Preferences / Vendor / Additional Information