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In this tab the travel agency is managed (depening on access authorization)


Manage travel agency

User Interface

Section 'Address'

All information entered here will appear by clicking on the tab "My travel agency,". This information is also displayed at the top right of the blue bar.

Field Description
Name Name of Travel Agency
Street Street of Travel Agency
PLZ Postal code
Location Location of Travel Agency
Country Country where Travel Agency is located
Phone Insert phone number of Travel Agency
URL Insert the URL of the Travel Agency
Send profile updates to This field indicates to which Email account an alert about an update or change will be sent. Emails would only be triggered if changes are executed by travellers or company admins.

If changes are done by the agency admin no email alert is send. In case of no email address is inserted, no alert emails will be sent. (Email Alert example below)

Send system notifications to A system notification is an email message which informs about incoming AeTM or Cytric update/creation profiles, which cannot be processed due to technical reason, e. g. Cytric Org Id or AeTM Community not existing in Faces, User login is already in use etc. An email address can be entered to which the notification should be sent.

Email Alert example:

Email Alert

Section 'Privacy policy'

In this section, additional Privacy policy can be created and the user can be forced to re-accept the privacy policy condition within the next login. Privacy policy can be created in all different available language preferences.

The klick on "Add new" will display a Editor in which new conditions can be created.


Important:The privacy policy will be shown after the general Umbrella Faces policy.

System Settings

Field Description
Acitve deactive or active agency
Key Agency Key
Faces activates the usage of Faces
Self-booking activates the useage of SBT (not deployed)
Accelerators activates the useage of Robotic Tools
PCI DSS acitvates the useage of PCI DSS Module
  • - = no Rail
  • AMADEUS_GERMAN = Railprovider DB (Deutsche Bahn), SBB (Swiss Railway)
  • AMADEUS_RAIL = Railprovider DB (Deutsche Bahn), SNCF, Thalys, Swedish Railways, Trainline, Renfe, SBB, ÖBB

different Formats are used in Amadeus CSX for AMADEUS_GERMAN and AMADEUS-RAIL (see Mapping)

Railmaster PCC used Galileo Railmaster PCC
Browser-Extension activates the useage of Browser Extension
Profile Reminder
Loyalty Points no in use, will be decommissoned
Residence Information activates the useage of Residence Information for the Spanish market
No. of companies Shows the total numbers of Company profiles in the agency
No. of travellers Shows the total numbers of traveller profiles in the agency

Section 'CSX Webservice'

Field Description
WS App Abot or Faces
User ID Amadeus User ID
Password Password
Accesspoint Amadeus WSAP
Office ID Insert Office ID
Org. ID Insert the ID of the organization

By clicking on <Test Login> the connection to Amadeus can be tested

Publish passport The Passport data
  • SR DOCS: passport data, date of birth are registered as SR*DOCS in CSX
  • DOCUMENTS: passport data, date of birth are registered in the Document Section in CSX
  • BOTH: passport data, date of birth are registered as SR*DOCS and in the Document Section in CSX
Publish mobile-no. The mobile number
  • APM: Mobile phone of the traveler profile is entered as APM 0664600600600
  • LEGACY: Mobile phone of the traveler profile is entered as AP 0664600600600-M

Section 'AeTM'

Field Description
User name Interface name to Amadeus Profile Link
Password Password

By clicking on <test login> the connection to AeTM Profile Link can be tested

Section 'Galileo WS'

Field Description
User name Galileo PCC e.g. PCC7E1N
Host Access Profile Galileo HAP e.g. DynGalileoProd_7E1N
PCC Galileo Pseudo City Code. e.g. 7E1N
Password Password

By clicking on <test login> the connection to Galileo can be tested

Use Travelscreen Activation of Travelscreen useage

Section 'Cytric'

Field Description
Client ID Client ID name of Cytirc
Username Cytric system
Password Password

By clicking on <test login> the connection to Cytric can be tested

Section ''

Field Description
Client ID Client ID (Mandanten ID)
URL relevant target URL for

Setup and configuration for can be found in the online documentation .

Section 'Custom Field definitions'

On this page, additional fields can be defined, which will appear on the profiles depending on the selected type of profile. General, preferences, your team, travel documents and administration can be selected. In addition, new sections can be defined with a unique label. This selection determines, in which sections the defined field appear on the profiles.

Tipp: Inside the section the position of the relevant field can be rearranged by using the drag & drop functionality


Field Description
Label This is the title of the determined field
Mandate The following obligations can be selected: O = optional, M = mandatory, CS = company-specific.
R/W ( visibilitiy)
  • AGENCY_ONLY: the field is visible and editable only for Travel Agency Admins
  • COMPANY_ONLY: the field is visible and editable only for Travel Agency Admins and Company Admins
  • READ_ONLY: the field is always visible, but only editable for Travel Agency Admins
  • READ_WRITE: the field is always visible and editable
CSX Prefix Here the Amadeus prefix is entered. Possible prefixes AB, AM, AP, APE, ES, FD, FK, FT, FZ, OP, OS, PHI/G-, PCI/G-, PCO, PN, PLS, PPR, PPS, PPT, SR, ST, RM, RC, RX, RMC (Categorie Remarks), RIR).


  • OS prefix: a space is needed by using a airline code and free text (e.g. OS EK BRWD)
  • SR prefix: the SR prefix have to be follwow by the identifier, Airline (e.g. SRFOIDLH)

To include the profile transfer indicator in the prefix, please use:

  • A|(active)
  • S|(selective)
  • M|(mandatory)

infront of the prefix, e.g. A|RM*INFO:{}

Special use of Profile Notes:

Per default all data in the Faces comment field will be published as Amadeus Profile Notes, except if a setup with PN is configured in the custom published action.


  • 1|PN = will publish the configured source into line number 1 in the Profile Notes
  • 5|PN = will publish the configured source into line number 5 in the Profile Notes
  • Source: “comment” & Target: “20|PN” = will publish the complete input a the comment field started from Profile Notes line 20.


  • Blank Profile Notes Lines will be filled with a dot (.). Example a copy setup for Profile Line 1 and 3 is configured, in this case line number 2 will be filled with a dot.
  • Copy actions other than the source “comment” will be truncated by 56 characters.
GWS Here the Galileo prefix is entered. To include the line number and transfer code (R, N, O, Y) please use
  • 10|Y| = Line number 10 with transfer code Y
  • 23| = line number 23 with Galileo Default transfer code
  • O| = transfer code "O"

Example: 10|Y|NP.HX*{}

AeTM The index of AeTM Custom Fields and traveller profile fields Email2 and Email3
  • The index of Cytric Free Data Fields
  • The index of Cytric first and second additional Email in the traveller profile.
    • firstAdditionalEMail
    • secondAdditionalEMail

Cytric: Process on Free Data File incl. pnrValue

The flag "P|" in the Cytric source is identify the fields will process on FDF incl. “pnrValue”. If the flag has been set and an incoming-cytric.xml contains a FDF incl. “value” and “pnrValue”, Faces will automatically create a validation rule (Regex) with a list of “value” and “pnrValue”.

Validation rule Example
[L<pnrValue>=<value> [LDL=Driving License;NI=DNI;FFIB=Iberia Plus Card;PP=Passport

This list will be also automatically expanded if new values and pnrValues will be delivered in the incoming-cytic.xml. Every prefix on custom fields and custom actions (copy) will only contain the value from “pnrValue”.

Flag to identify a FDF incl. “pnrValue”:






This validation will ensure that an empty option is available in Faces, no empty option will be created automatically. If you do not use this validation the list will be expanded automatically i.e. [LHD=Helpdesk;TR=Training;MA=Management. By using the [L=- the list will be created as [L=-;HD=Helpdesk;TR=Training;MA=Management which provides an empty option (-) in the Faces drop down.

Billing The index of Commercial Data
Name Is automatically created with the same value of the field “Label”. It can only be overwritten at time of creation. Existing name values cannot be modified. The value of the Name field can be used for any COPY action in the custom publish action, and is reflected in the CSV file as a designation of the field. To use the Name within a COPY action genInternal has to be included to the name for the source, e.g. genInternalAdditionalEmail.
Internal System-Admin (Support) only. The internal code can also be used for a copy in the custom pubish action to transfer generic field values from the company into a GDS traveller profile. The source must be entered with "company.geninternal<internalcode>" e.g company.geninternalmailgmt.
Field Possible values are INPUT (regular, single-line text field) and TEXTAREA (multiline text field)
Validation The generic field validation rule can be specified. The format is basically a "regular expression". Some typical examples are:
Validation Description
.{5,7} Any characters, but length min. 5 characters max. Be 7 characters
[a-zA-Z]{3,} Only letters, length min. 3 characters

In addition, a list of possible values can be defined. For this purpose a semicolon-separated list is entered, with leading string'[L'. Examples

  • [L;Compact;Limousine;Sedan
  • [L=-;CMP=Compact;LIM=Limousine;SED=Sedan

The first example is written as a field value 'Sedan', the second 'SED'

Profile Type A distinction is made between Traveller and Company, T (Traveller) and C (Company) for the profile type on which the profile box appears

Section 'Custom Publish Actions'

Field Description
Action Select COPY or FILTER for your action
Type of Profile A distinction is made between Traveller and Company, T (Traveller) and C (Company). Select the Type of Profile on which the profile box appears.
Interface Indicate which interfaces the action will affect
Source Indicate the source respectively the corresponding filter.
Target Indicate the target or insert a free text if using the filter function.

The source for the COPY function company data profile can be found under Company The source for the COPY function Traveller data is visible at line 1 in the CSV file. If 0-n lists (FQTV or passports) are copied, either an index (passports0, passports1) can be used, or use the index placeholder '#' (# passports). The latter then copies all existing indexes.

FILTER examples can be found under profile Traveller | and profile Company

Import/export generic setup

(available with the next release, planed 18th October 15)

A export and/or import from the agency generic setup of custom field definitions and custom publish actions in a XML schema file. The XML file can be used for a upload to a existing agency.

Workflows / Processes

New fields can be added just by clicking on "Add New" in the field definition section. At the bottom of the field definitons section, a new section can be added by clicking on "Add New".

The publish actions can be added by clicking on "Add New".